Subliminal messages in the US Dollar

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The national currency of any country contains symbol that indicates its country’s cultural background. It’s more like a logo designed to indicate something, such as a company’s specialty. Even the logo’s color plays a key role in delivering the company’s concept into people’s subconscious.

But the US Dollar is more likely to be the only currency which contains lots of symbols that are hard to understand… What is the Egyptian Pyramid doing on the back of the one Dollar?!...The same thing with the Star of David on the American Eagle’s head found on the other back of the one Dollar. However, everything said above cannot be compared with the writings on the Dollar, which made some American researchers use the letters, which the main phrases are composed from, making linguistic structures that surprised many.

The following phrases are written clearly on the US Dollar:
“Federal reserve note”

, “The united states of America”

, “Washigton D.C”

, "In God we trust”

and finally “One Dollar”


Any good observer finds out that they clearly presents the Unites States and there is nothing wrong with it…However, the new phrases composed from the same letters clears out hidden subliminal messages…

“Live free or die”

, “We need a revolution”

, “Don’t tread on me”

, “Lest we forget”

, “Save the coast”…I wonder which coast..? Is it the one fronting the Bermuda Triangle…?!

, “Love and hate”

, “Trust no one”

And “The kids are alright”

It’s bizarre that not only do these phrases represent the US policy, but also the qualities of the American people. They even predicts what could happen in the future…especially, the phrase “We need a revolution” has already frequented after the 25th January revolution, when a lot of Americans decided to demonstrate following the Egyptian revolution as a role model.

The US Dollar is, and will be, keeping lots of mysteries and subliminal messages waiting for their seeker.


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