The Great Israel… a dream fulfilled by Al-Qaeda

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History testifies that since the beginning of creation until now the major forces have been trying hard to control over the weak countries. Perhaps, the best proof is Persians and Romans being the greatest two forces during the advent of Islam. During the nineties of the past century, Russia and America were the current equivalent to Persians and Romans as major forces splits the states in conflict areas such as Middle East into countries that belong to each superpower separately. So, The Gulf and Egypt belong to the American influence in terms of reinforcement and policy of course, while Syria and Libya used to belong to Russia until the Libyan revolution last year.


Conspiracy Theory

“There’s no conspiracy.” They said. How could it be! They themselves keep talking about it all the time. When an entity like Israel takes control over a superpower like the US, we must pay attention to conspiracies planned for us. Especially, Israel always declares itself an expansionist state as it seeks to increase its land space in order to accommodate large numbers of immigrants. Also, Israel clearly announces its intentions through its own flag in which the two blue lines symbolize the Nile and the Euphrates rivers. And this is the proof of Israel’s expansive intention which was started by taking over the Euphrates river in Iraq though its ally America who waged war on Iraq in spite of its admission that there is no unconventional weapons in Iraq. Also, Israel seeks the same thing in Egypt to take over the Nile through America who depended on its infiltrators this time to prepare the land so the Great Israel’s dreams can come true, except for the 30th June revolution which overthrew those infiltrators who ruled Egypt. The conspiracy has already begun and still going even after the 30th June revolution through the Israeli support for the Ethiopian dam.

The Great Israel

Israel denies itself being a conspirer. So, it’s always the little lamb surrounded by the Arabian wolves. And let us not forget the massacres carried out by the gangs of Haganah and Stern to kill disarmed civilians in Palestine in order to empty the land from the original inhabitants. Although there is a plan to expand Israel’s land and truncate lands from the surrounding Arab countries, we always get the Israeli denial of “The Great Israel Map” which is being fulfilled slowly .

In fact, Israel suffers from the smallness of its size compared to population of 7,881,000 people who inhabits an area of 27000 km2 which is the total area of Palestine including Gaza and the Palestinian territories. Also last April, the American World tribune newspaper has mentioned that despite Israel’s sophisticated air defenses, it struggles to defend its airspace due to its small size. The newspaper quoted a report prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Brigadier General Udi Dekel, former head of the sector of strategic planning in the Israeli army, said that the “ultrafine” area of Israel made its air defense operations a major challenge amid the modernization and development of the armies in the Middle East. And this confirms that Israel secretly seeks and plans in order to expand its area in the future, as Israel is a tiny island ripples in a sea of Arabs.

The Great Israel Maps

 There are several old maps of a Great Israel which have been set by Zionist organizations. Also, they prepared its currency and wrote “Great Israel from Nile to Euphrates”. The map and the currency were deposited in special treasury with Prime Minister Golda Meir then. And regardless of the validity of these maps, we cannot deny Israel’s expansive ambitions in the Arab lands. No matter Israel denied this map the geographical changes on the ground require us to keep their map in mind especially when it is being achieved lttle by little without anyone notices.
There are several maps for Great Israel:
Palestine appears fully marked along with Jordan and Sinai in the first map.
The second map has the same areas of the previous one with parts of Iraq and Syria added to them.
The third ,and the most famous one, consists of the previous two maps along with a full space parallel to the Nile river in Egypt and roughly half of Saudi Arabia.
The funny thing is that everyone denies all these maps especially the third one, except that Israel works in silence while Arabs argue and refuse what is happening before their eyes. As usual, they don’t realize until it’s too late.

The time war

Israel relies on merely two things in its war against Arabs:
The stupidity of Arabs.

No one but the Global Intelligence realize the seriousness of the first weapon especially the Egyptian Intelligence which is excluded from The Arabian Intelligence that brought doom to their countries.
Israel deals with the Arab issue within a system achieved on a large time scale. As it fulfills its aspirations over a long period of time up to 30 years without anyone notices. The most important thing is that Israel always achieves its goals through others in order not to lose a single soldier.
Israel have learned an important lesson of the October war that military confrontation is no use with Arabs especially with the presence of strong Arabian armies such as the Egyptian,  Syrian and Iraqi armies. Besides, the enormous population of Arabs compared to the Zionist people. And these armies are the only armies that can confront Israel. So Israel tried to neutralize both the Egyptian and the Syrian armies through peace treaty concluded under U.S pressure in order that it could eliminate the remaining Arabian armies one after another secretly in silence.
If we compared the period of time since the October war until the fall of Baghdad and the destruction of the Iraqi army in April 2003, we realize that it is 30 years in which the Middle East experienced many changes such as the war between Iraq and Iran, the war of Kuwait liberation, then the invasion of Iraq. At the same time, Israel has built itself without any threatening fundamental problems. Even, it shattered the newborn nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 without any military confrontation with Iraq.
If we want to know the difference between the advanced Israeli thought and the belated Arabian one, imagine we told a sample of any Arabian people in 1988 that Iraq would be divided and its army was the target, the usual reply would be “Who on earth could beat Saddam’s army, the guardian of the eastern gate, which defeated Iran in a devastating war lasted for 8 years?!” however, reality has proved the possibility of that in stages even after years… started with the war of Kuwait liberation which lead to the loss of third of the Iraqi army, Followed by the Invasion of Iraq that shattered the Iraqi army. Then the Zionist governor of Iraq, Paul Bremer, was inaugurated in order to demolish the remainder of the army and issue a decision to demobilize the rest of it. And this is what weak-minded do any time any place, they deny the existence of a conspiracy when they are warned from it. So that is what is happening again now, when we warn from the conspiracy that lurks the Egyptian army. This conspiracy is dividing Egypt which is what Israel seeks and simple-minded fools don’t see.

Proxy War

The term proxy war means to use others to go into wars instead of you. You would love to especially when these ‘others’ have ultimate stupidity and zero thinking. So it’s easy to control groups of sealed thought people through leaking into this thought and interpreting it in line with the goals of Zionism. And that’s exactly what happened with Al-Qaeda which was founded, under America’s eyes, between 1988 and late 1989 in order to be a kernel for international Jihad against the U.S and Israel. But after the war ended in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda had killed none but Muslims. As Al-Qaeda went for all the Arabian countries and didn’t head for Israel which is the main issue in their claimed Jihad.


The Israeli scenario depends on two types of infiltrators:
 The first one works for you for the sake of money.
The second one, and the better, is the stupid who works for you and thinks that he fulfills his own goals.
Israel relied on the second type as they achieved what Israel couldn’t without shedding a single Zionist drop of blood. As Al-Qaeda battled the Arabian armies instead of Israel, They even tried, with Israel and the U.S behind them, to establish a state for Al-Qaeda through truncating parts of Iraq and Syria.


The American Israeli Strategy

Israel associated with America works in the Middle East according to a long term strategy summed up as following:

1-Israel knows for sure that war is the only way to make demographic changes on the ground. Of course Israel cannot confront any Arabian armies, even when equipped with the most sophisticated U.S weapons. So the long term plan, which was set by Intelligence services, was based on the presence of extreme, fragile and vulnerable entities that calls for the fall of Israel and surround it from every side, or even fire missiles so that Israel can justify itself in front of the whole world in order t pay the Arabs back especially with the presence of peace treaties with the neighboring countries like Egypt and Syria makes it hard for Israel to delude the world and say that the Arabs are the assaulters. Also, the Egyptian and the Syrian armies have prevented any acts of commando extremist elements both from the Golan Heights or Sinai towards Israel and that’s what made Israel move forward with the plan.

2-The only solution was to bring Al-Qaeda which was breached and directed from the inside in order to fulfill what is thought to be Jihad but in fact it served the U.S and Israel. The Iraq invasion was as killing two birds with one stone. First the Iraqi army, which was a major threat to Israel, is demolished. Second, at the same time, Israel brought Al-Qaeda to fulfill Jihad in Iraq, and even made it easy for them to exit from Afghanistan and settle in Iraq. And that’s what really happened as assisting the Iraqi resistance against the U.S forces was the organization’s stated in the beginning which earned them a lot of sympathy and support n different areas of Iraq. But with the onset of parameters of the Iraqi government and the composition of the army and Iraqi police, the organization considers all the participants of political governance as infiltrators and began targeting all the Iraq security services. Also the organization declared that its goal is establishing a state governed by Sharia law in Islamic Iraq. It even targets the international organizations working in Iraq. So it performs its role, which is planned by the Zionists, precisely.

3-Although the U.S knows where Abu Musab Al-zarqawi is, The U.S killed him by an airstrike targeted the house, which was his home, in Diyali province, after his role was finished. And that’s exactly what happened with Bin Laden when the organization grew in power. So it heads for the Syrian lands when the revolution against Al-asad regime began, and becomes a cat’s paw shoved n the backs of Iraq and then Syria under the eyes of Israel and The U.S, the allies of Satan.

4-As a result of the collapse of the Iraqi and the Syrian armies and tearing apart the Iraqi and the Syrian states, Al-Qaeda subtracted parts from Iraq and others from Syria to establish what they called “the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” so in order to become the nucleus of an extremist state that superficially threatens the Zionist entity who can take advantage of it, wage war at the speed of light and take over Al-Qaeda’s clamed state adjacent to its borders. And of course, it will not be until Iraq and Syria are enclosed in the rest of the other lands outside the scope of the land taken over by Al-Qaeda, Also after the ring, which ends in Egypt, completes. And what makes this scenario more likely to happen, is that Al-Qaeda relies in their assaults on primitive weapons unlike the Israeli American system which depends on the most sophisticated weapons. Also the militants of Al-Qaeda use the arm wheel-drive vehicles equipped with machine guns or missiles with a very short range. Moreover, they don’t have any air cover, they even don’t know a thing about the regular methods of warfare. And that’s what makes it super easy to exterminate them, exactly the same as the Iraqi army which was defeated as a result of not using an air cover. Also there is a wide gap between the Iraqi arms and the smart weaponries directed by satellites.

5-An Ikhwan state was supposed to exist in Egypt to allow subtracting part of Sinai for Gaza as an initial stage. Followed by striking Gaza and emptying it from its population in order to seize Sinai n the future after Hamas strikes Israel from Sinai which would be the perfect good reason for Israel to strike back. But the 30th June revolution turned things upside down in the aminstration of both America and Israel.

The Big Surprise

When we analyze all the previous information and link the maps with what is achieved on reality we find out a very serious conclusion, the parts taken over by Al-Qaeda which is called “The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” are the same parts marked in the map of the Great Israel, which Israel intends to seize in order to add these parts to its territory. And of course the unthinking activists, who look under their feet, won’t believe this scenario. This plan can be fulfilled really slowly within 10 years from now, just like what happened with Syria and Iraq in the past 30 years.

-When we look closely at the areas taken over by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, we see that these areas include Al-Anbar and Al-Fallujah and some other neighboring parts, So the marked parts in the map of Iraq in the Great Israel’s map are the same parts seized by Al-Qaeda. Which means that Al-Qaeda works according to the Israeli plan whether they are aware of it or not. Also an Israeli map showed a clear division in Iraq, discovered by an Algerian hacker when he broke into an Israeli website, the map, which was published in Al-Rashid Iraqi network, showed clearly the divided parts in Iraq.

-On the Syrian land, we notice that the scenario is achieved as above. As their clamed state seized control over areas in Raqqa , Aleppo, Damascus provinces, Deir Al-zour, Homs, Hama, Hasaka and Idlib. Also The country sides of Damascus and Latakia. The military presence and control varies from a province to another. For example, Al-Qaeda has strong presence in Raqqa province and some parts in Aleppo province, but they have less presence in Homs and Latakia.  But the same scenario works the in the same order as above. We notice that the marked part in Syria in the Great Israel map, is the same side taken over by Al-Qaeda even if it’s not completed now but it’s on its way to, except for the Chinese Russian support for the Syrian army. This is what certifies the possibility of fulfilling the Great Israel plan for real by those who have unthinking minds.

Lately, ”LeakSource” website has mentioned that Israel took part in the war against Syria and Israel bombed the Syrian research center in 30th January 2013. Also the report published in the website mentioned an Israeli secret role in emphasizing sectarian divisions in Syria as well as supporting the terrorist formations of Jihadists in Syria in coordination with The United States, NATO and the Gulf states. That’s what confirms Israel’s persistent strive to eliminate any Arabian forces.

Another article in Jerusalem post in June 2012 talked about an unspoken objective of the foreign policy of the United States which is fragmenting Syria from a sovereign state into ethnic and religious minorities. It also explained that The U.S support for the insurgency in Syria, with the help of Israel, aims to break Syria into pieces.

The Up Next Scenario 2014

The U.S and Israel Intelligence depend on both ready-made and alternative plans in case any emergency occurs. After the 30th June revolution, things turned upside down when the Egyptian army, led by Marshal Al-Sisi, turned to the Russian support against the U.S with the Gulf states especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

-So, it’s expected during this year that the U.S tries to get closer to Egypt and at the same time, hits the Egyptian regime below the belt especially with the presidential and parliamentary elections approaching.  Also, The United States will try to support one of the parties in the presidential elections to be an alternative for Mohammed Morsy and fulfills America’s ambitions, and that’s what rumors said about Sami Annan recently.

Also it’s expected that The U.S, and Israel, tries to stir unrest in Egypt n the south and the west sides to distract the Egyptian army away from the eastern border in Sinai. And these sides are controlled by Ikhwan regimes that didn’t forget what happened to their main organization in Egypt. Also, we must take into consideration that the Sudanese president, Omar Al-Bashir, can easily be controlled through threatening him by referring him to the International Criminal Court as he is charged with committing war crimes in Darfur. On the other hand, On the western side of Egypt, The ikhwan in Libya didn’t forget that the NATO forces led by the U.S rescued them from Gaddafi. Also they agreed that the NATO military forces can be on the western side. So we pray God to help the Egyptian army to overcome the difficulties of the upcoming period.

-As for the Gulf states especially Saudi Arabia, it’s expected that The U.S uses Iran as a scarecrow to the Gulf states, by waiving its influence in some areas as long as they don’t approach the U.S bases especially when there are Shiites all over the gulf states.
We won’t be lying if we say that the Gulf states will witness unrest in the upcoming period of time, such as bombings that can be done by infiltrators in more than a Gulf city. Also Saudi Arabia is more likely to split due to the internal differences and the vast area which make it difficult to control. Especially if the U.S decided to use the same player who plays for it in secret, which is Al-Qaeda, that can be found before our eyes in the land of the two holy mosques…and we are all waiting..


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