The scourge of the Arabs

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The scourge of the Arabs three things , talk a lot, and the abolition of the mind , and lethargic .. and if someone tries to anyone woken up from the coma , find them pour it curses and accuse him of charges Manzel God for them , so manipulating their powers as it pleases , and the enemy is smart derives intelligence from stupidity his opponents , especially if such enemies who plan in advance for hundreds 

of years, and we just look under our feet .
   - Intelligent enemy is the one who makes you achieve its objectives and you feel that you achieve your goals !
   - Supports more intelligent enemy groups in society as long as stringent check his interest .. so .. rejoice Zionists Wahhabism , which crash -righteous effects such as graves or their homes due to the lack blessed by ... while the Zionists aim to erase any trace of an Islamic Mecca by idiots who achieve their goal.
   - Intelligent enemy is planning what you will do after a hundred years from now ... The idiots when they reveal the plans of enemies you'll find them respond , saying, " Hey pal .. is pretty underwriter live -to-reel " ... or " Even if it solves thousand Halal" !
   - In his important and dangerous " project to renovate the Grand Mosque in Mecca to establish the structure of the Zionist Mecca " reveals Mr. Hisham Kamal Abdel -Hamid calamity very serious which is trying to control the Zionists Kaaba without the awareness of the Muslims through their jobs with what is happening in Palestine .. At the same time, companies enter American Jewish campus pretext to develop at the same time they are planning to put their symbols in Jewish campus itself is coming to an anonymous no one knows except God .


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