D. Gihane Zaki Director of Egyptian Academy in Rome

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D. Gihane Zaki Director of Egyptian Academy in Rome ,a great model for Egyptian and Arab women,I didn't know her before , only from the newspapers as managing director of international organizations and affairs of UNESCO in the Supreme Council of Antiquities,, The French government awarded the title of " knight " in recognition of their efforts to achieve cooperation between France and Egypt, and when the attack happened on the Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre made ​​a great effort to regain those pieces Egypt .

I didn't imagine that I can meet her , But d. Gihane chose me to show my cartoons at the opening of the Egyptian Cultural Italian season without meet me before .I certify that it is more remarkable model for Egyptian women successful in their work , she is a professor in the university specialization Archaeology in "Helwan" University in Cairo and  "Sorbonne"University.
In addition she is Director successful by any measure ... It is through frictional during the preparation of the exhibition in Egyptian  Academy in Rome, I discovered that she is a  rare model and wonderful in everything ... science and ethics , management ,If you saw her , you will think that she is one of your family,God granted her beautiful and white heart, intelligent mind , therefore, pushed forward to the Egyptian Academy.

D. Gihane Zaki is a dynamo of each Egyptian academic activities, I felt proud that I am an Egyptian like her, especially when I spoke in front of Italian intellectuals who attended the opening of the cultural season, earned the respect and love of everyone from visitors to the exhibition in the academy and made our necks touching the sky ..
. D. Gihane Zaki model should be repeated everywhere in Egypt in order to become a leading piece of Europe.


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D. Gihane Zaki Director of Egyptian Academy in Rome