Toyota Corolla..Chinese cars Inspirational

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The Chinese are smart .. , learned from the wisdom which says " Start from where others have ended " .. They made New Cars built on the base of Japanese cars .. like model Corolla famous who produced him nearly 30 million cars so far , which entered the Guinness Book of Records .. Several Chinese companies quoting Corolla made ​​by the Japanese company in 2000 and continued until 2007 for the some adjustments in the front and rear while maintaining the basic structure and doors as they are .. then relaunched under many names and different levels of quality .

There are several Chinese companies have entered the Egyptian market and provided those models .. The first company that " BYD " which provided model older adapted from Toyota in form and substance " F- Three " , which was outfitted with a motor Mitsubishi famous is the same as the existing Ballansr and with a capacity of 1600 cc and the superiority of Chinese the car is equipped with many of the equipment , which was not present in the original style , such as airbags and rear corner sensors and brake equipped with " ِِِABS " anti- lock system and " EBD " for electronic Brakeforce Distribution on wheels.

The company has changed the shape of the front end of the Corolla model similar to the form of the U.S. has been modified to resemble the background of the car with the model Honda City ..

The second Chinese companies quoted model Corolla is a company Geely of China , which has provided model "Fc" which appeared in Egypt four years ago, Egyptian through Company Top Gear agent Geely did not succeed completely in the market because the company had made the Model engine 1800 CC , which reflected in the high price of the car , which then exceeded the barrier of 130 thousand pounds

The third company , which reproduced Toyota Corolla are the company "SMA" China's made ​​a model " Maple " Before that, in Egypt , which kicks off on the base Citroen where she presented this year's model " Ongelon " symmetric with Corolla through Abou Ghali agent company in Egypt .

Matched " Ongelon " with Geely in all details except the headlights where allied company SMA " with " Jelly "to each company to market the same model under a new name is " Shanghai Angelon " .. which was its engine capacity of 1500 CC and the power of 118 horsepower and as is usually Chinese have been processed Khqiqatha by the "ABS" and the "EBD", and many of the fittings rich , such as windows and mirrors electric and airbags .. The price for up to 79 900 thousand pounds, a difference of 14 alpha for her sister cloned from Corolla ... and came the difference in price as a result of the difference in the overall quality of the finishing , which excels in. " Ongelon " on the "BYD".

h for the last Chinese company that reproduced Alchorola a company "Lifan" provided by under the name of "Lifan 620" .. It is strange that the company is quoted frontend for " BMW " German third category ... but the back has coincided with her sister Chinese " Ongelon " and equipped ... "lifan 620 engine capacity of 1600 cc generates power of 106 his fort at 6000 rpm .. As usual, the Chinese were mobilized many of the car and the equipment and the luxuries provided by the Saudi Group Company at a price of 72 thousand Egyptian pounds .



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Toyota Corolla..Chinese cars Inspirational