" Qoros 3" new born between China and Israel

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I like "Chery" company,it's chinese car company, because it born at 1997 , and stated to make cars at 1999, although the relatively short life, but it Progressed significantly, have spread in many countries of the world.

At the same time,we do'nt have auto industry in the Arab world, we only consume, and all the time people teases Chinese cars and insult Israel, Arabs mocked, while Chinese and Israelis are working! .... The result?

In 2013 "Chery" decided to enter Europe through Making a powerful car can pass the tests of European,It is what actually happened.

Israel noticed "Chery" company is ahead of her peers from Chinese carmakers, which spread their factories around the world, from Russia and Ukraine till Australia. "Chery" has become a big global automotive company. Israel start to make a deal between Chinese"Chery" and new company in Israel, called it " Qoros".


Qoros 3 will be launched in China in the second half of 2013, with first sales in Europe starting later in the year. The vehicle is entering a pre-production development phase after two summers and two winters of extensive testing at key locations around the world.

The styling of the Qoros 3 Sedan draws heavily on contemporary German-influenced automotive design and introduces a distinctive brand identity. A unique, advanced eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, developed in-house by Qoros, will be fitted as standard across the Qoros 3 Sedan range.

The compact Qoros 3 Sedan offers class-leading interior space for maximum passenger comfort. A primary objective from the earliest stages of the vehicle engineering programme was to achieve high scores in both Chinese and European crash assessments. Qoros employs modern safety technology and has put the Qoros 3 Sedan through a rigorous testing regime in helping it meet this objective.

Arabs are best in talking all the time, while the rest of the world are working. Arabs are as such a failure student who only blamed anyone but himself, while Israel is like a successful thief, who has already stolen the land of Palestine in 1948, and then has been working hard and making technology, for example ,University of Tel Aviv has become one of the best universities in the world,but we can't find good Arab Universitiy .

"Chery" did that in the period between 1999 and 2013. What the Arab World did in the same period? established several satellite channels in 1999, such as "Rotana" channels , and set up other channels, religious and other special belly dancing.

We are in 2013, the Arabs are still sitting on comfortable seats in front of TV watching channels and chanting "Down with Israel."



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